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11 cool gadgets for a great night's sleep

Jessica Naziri, special to

Feeling tired? Tech these out!

Source: Eight Sleep

Not getting enough shut-eye? Whether you're a new parent, have insomnia or just have a lot on your mind, you're likely tired of being tired.

Sleep is essential for a person's health and well-being, according to the National Sleep Foundation. So if you're one of the millions of Americans who are up at night, it's important to find a solution that works. In addition to a supportive mattress and comfortable bedding, there are gadgets on the market today that claim to enhance your sleep experience, including shutting out noise and ensuring that when you fall asleep, you stay asleep.

Even if you can't commit to the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, studies have shown that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to catching Zzz's. Here are 11 of the coolest gadgest aimed at improving the quality of your sleep.

— By Jessica Naziri, special to
Posted 25 June 2016

Philips Wake-up Light ($140) and Hue Ambiance Starter Kit ($130)

Source: Philips Lighting

Thirty minutes before your alarm is scheduled to go off, the Philips Wake-up Light HF3510 simulates a sunrise. LEDs start glowing a deep orange before transitioning to a crisp, warm white. Then one of three nature sounds (or the FM radio) kicks in.

With the Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit, you'll be able to choose a "wake up" and "go to sleep" routine, which mimics the natural progression of sunset and sunrise. The result is more graceful and also lets your body gradually adjust.

Re-Timer ($299)

Source: Re-Timer

Re-Timer emits a green-blue light that stops the production of melatonin, which can effectively adjust your sleep pattern as needed to ensure you get the most restful sleep. The product is especially useful for those who have trouble falling asleep each night, those who frequently suffer from jet lag, and those who work the night shift.

Hush smart earplug ($150)

Source: Hush Technology

Outside noise can be one of the biggest sleep disruptors, especially for those living in an apartment or noisy neighborhood. Traditional earplugs only go so far in blocking out noise, and noise-canceling headphones can be bulky and uncomfortable. Hush combines the earplug-headphone concept, playing soothing sounds throughout the night. The earplugs communicate with an app that holds up to 15 different sounds.

DreamPad ($100–$179)

Source: Integrated Listening Systems

For many people, the biggest obstacle to a good night's sleep is stress. DreamPad uses psychoacoustic expertise and Intrasound Technology to deliver calming, gentle music that only you can hear. The technology uses the body's natural conductivity to create a response that helps you fall and stay asleep. You can purchase the device itself or buy pillows that have the technology built in.

Dreem ($349)

Source: Rythm

Dreem by Rythm is an active wearable that influences your brain to sleep better. It's the first active wearable that doesn't just monitor your brain activity, it tells you to sleep better. The result? Better sleep, better performance (mentally and physically).

Sleep number (price varies by product)

Source: Sleep Number

The Sleep Number group of products pinpoint an individual's ideal comfort zone and tags it with a number, from 0 to 100. Contoured to your neck, shoulders back and hip, the mattresses are perfect for couples who disagree on mattress firmness. The company also offers pillows and bedding that adjust to your own personal sleep preferences. Mattresses have built-in SleepIQ technology, interacting with a smartphone app to provide a SleepIQ Score, which tracks your sleep quality, heart rate, breathing rate and more.

Beddit ($144.98)

Source: Beddit

Beddit is a paper-thin sensor that slips between your mattress pad and your bedsheet to monitor your sleep patterns. The sensor's compatible smartphone app collects data and provides a sleep score that tells you how well you slept. Your sleep quantity and quality is taken into account, as well as your breathing. You can even take naps throughout the day to boost your score.

Neuroon ($299)

Source: Neuroon

Neuroon bills itself as "the first intelligent sleep mask," blocking out light and using a simulated sunrise to wake you naturally. A connected app measures your sleep and provides analytics on your amount of REM, light and deep sleep each night. If you need a boost of energy throughout the day, you can put on the mask and indulge in 20 minutes of light-spectrum therapy to readjust your body's biorhythms. The mask can also be used to help with seasonal affective disorder.

Aura Connected Alarm Clock ($190)

Source: Withings

Traditional alarm clocks blare their wake-up call, jarring you from whatever stage of sleep you're in at the time. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock is a bedside lamp that uses a customized program to wake you up each morning. You can choose an energizing light, or you can choose a gradual wake-up that simulates sunrise. The lamp can play your own music or your choice of more than 20,000 web-based radio stations. If you have a Spotify playlist, you can wake up to that, as well.

Sense by hello ($129)

Source: Hello

Sense is designed to rest on your nightstand using internal sensors to monitor the room temperature, your own sleep behaviors and noise levels. Gradually, the device learns your sleep patterns and wakes you up at the optimal time. You'll receive a sleep score and tips to improve the quality of your sleep.

Eight ($249–$289)

Source: Eight Sleep

Wrist-based wearables can track your sleep by movement, but there are limits to how much information it can collect. Eight is a sensor-based mattress cover that monitors your sleep patterns throughout the night, giving you suggestions on what you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. The mattress can interact seamlessly with the Phillips Hue, choosing the best wake patterns based on your sleep cycles.