Tensions rise in post-Brexit Britain: Anti-migrant incidents reported

Jessica Hartogs, Special to
UK racial tensions rise following Brexit vote

Alleged incidents of racial tensions have been reported across the U.K. over the weekend, with many analysts linking them to the country's decision to leave the European Union.

People have taken to social media to report incidents of intimidation and racism, including blogger Diamond Geezer, who tweeted a photo of man at the Armed Forces Parade in Essex over the weekend wearing a t-shirt with the message "Send Them Back Home."

Another user tweeted a photo taken in the city of Newcastle, in the north of England, of men holding a sign saying "Stop immigration. Start repatriation."

The U.K. voted in a hard-fought decision to leave the European Union on Thursday, leaving many unanswered questions for Europeans living in the U.K. During the highly contentious campaign, the 'Leave' campaign made retaining control of migration into the U.K. as the main message of its campaign.

Since the result, the Muslim Council of Britain said it had received details of 100 "hate incidents," according to U.K. newspaper The Times.

In London, a Polish social and cultural center was vandalized over the weekend with graffiti that read "Go home". A spokesperson for London's Metropolitan Police told CNBC that they were investigating reports of incidents over the weekend.

The Cambridge News newspaper reported that cards reading " Leave the EU/No more Polish vermin", had been distributed in an area of Cambridge - including outside schools - just hours after the result of the EU referendum was announced on Friday.

A spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission told CNBC on Monday that they were monitoring reports "very closely and were very concerned about it."

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