Donald Trump's 'Star of David' Tweet About Hillary Clinton Posted Weeks Earlier on Racist Feed

Elisha Fieldstadt
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Ralph Freso | Getty Images

A meme of Hillary Clinton posted on Donald Trump's official Twitter account featuring what critics interpreted to be a Star of David hit the internet as early as June 15 on a Twitter feed where bigoted and crude messages are often posted.

Trump was accused of anti-Semitism after a tweet was posted Saturday showing Clinton's photo emblazoned on a backdrop of $100 bills with the phrase "most corrupt candidate ever" inside a six-pointed star.

Trump's campaign didn't respond to requests for comment about the tweet, which was deleted and replaced with the same meme in which the star was swapped for a circle.

The meme with the star was posted June 15 by a user with the handle @FishBoneHead1. The account owner's bio reads: "Comedian : Probably offend you if you are Liberal, Politically Correct, Feminist, Democrat or Piers Morgan."

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Various memes that appear on the feed are highly critical of Clinton, immigrants and Muslims, and some posts include curse words and bigoted images.

Mic first reported that @FishBoneHead1 tweeted the meme, and NBC News found the tweet by dragging the image used in Trump's tweet into Google image search and restricting the search to the month of June. The only image that the search returned was emblazoned with @FishBoneHead1 on the bottom left.

It's unclear where Trump or his campaign found the meme, but the candidate has been known to retweet messages and memes from accounts rife with highly offensive content. In January, Trump retweeted a photo from an apparent neo-Nazi supporter's account, which included anti-Semitic imagery and quotes from Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Despite heavy criticism, Trump retweeted from the account, @WhiteGenocideTM, again less than a month later. That tweet has since been deleted.