Lyft just added a luxury service to rival UberBlack

Source: Lyft

Lyft wants its users to start kicking back in Cadillacs and BMWs.

The company added a high-end service, Lyft Premier, to its offering, the company said Thursday.

It will compete with Uber's luxury service, UberBlack, and is immediately available in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York.

The San Francisco-based company said that it came up with the service when more than 60 percent of Lyft passengers requested some extra frills to their everyday rides. Premier drivers will be able to earn extra cash, as riders will pay a premium that's around twice the regular price.

Lyft application
Source: Lyft

"Our passenger base is rapidly growing, especially as more business users and travelers switch to Lyft, so this is an opportunity to continue growing our market share with an additional product offering," said Lyft's Katie Dally in an email.

Lyft drivers need at least a 4.7 rating out of 5 to qualify for Premier. There is a list of approved vehicles with the earliest year of 2008.

Like Uber, Lyft has been diversifying its services such as Lyft Line for shared rides and Classic or Plus for bigger groups. Last Thursday, both so that drivers could have the option to drive its daily rental fleet.