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Dallas Police tweet that wrongly identified sniper suspect removed hours later

The Dallas Police Department on Thursday tweeted a photo of Mark Hughes, identifying him as a suspected shooter from a protest that turned deadly.

The tweet was removed from the police department's official account Friday afternoon, after it was live for more than 16 hours, even though Hughes has been cleared of wrongdoing.

The Dallas PD did not return calls for comment.

At least one suspect has been identified in the shooting that left five police officers dead and injured seven.

Media reports indicate that Hughes received death threats over the tweet, which immediately went viral. The tweet received more than 40,000 retweets and nearly 18,000 favorites.

Hughes was seen at the protest with a gun, but later turned himself in to authorities after realizing he was a suspect in the case.

The Dallas PD interrogated Hughes and released him, clearing him of any involvement.

25-year-old Micah Johnson was identified as the sniper. Johnson was killed after police detonated a robot bomb during a standoff.

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