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Is it Prime Time for Amazon?

Amazon's stock is at an all-time high ahead of Prime Day Tuesday.

On today's Halftime Report, the traders gave their take on whether or not investors should get into this high flying stock or if it's too expensive.

'Prime' time for Amazon?

Jon Najarian says he would sell the stock.

Najarian believes the stock is increasing due to prime day, so investors shouldn't get too ahead of themselves.

"You've got something on the calendar that says the 12th of July is their prime day. 100,000 items for prime members only because that's on the calendar and, only because of that, I think the ramp that goes into it gives you your opportunity. You take your profits, you get short for days, not for weeks and months, " said Najarain.

Although Jon is bearish heading into the company's big day, he does think overall this is a company you want to own in the long run.

Josh Brown agrees with Najarain that there has been a harsh selloff after enthusiasm lessens after prime day in the past, but he is bullish Amazon and thinks it's a buy.

"Maybe there is a slightly better entry,however I think if you want to be long this thing, you could use the trailing fifty day; it's rising, you'll raise your stock each week with it," said Brown.

Jim Lebenthal and Sarat Sethi , our resident value investors, don't think now is the time to buy. It's a great company but at a price to earnings ratio of more than 300 the stock is quite expensive for them.

Amazon is up 10% year to date.

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