Trump's VA campaign chair blames Clinton for Dallas shootings

Corey Stewart
Dayna Smith | Washington Post | Getty Images

Corey Stewart, chairman of Donald Trump's campaign in Virginia, accused liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton of spurring the Thursday attack on police officers in Dallas.

Shortly after at least one attacker shot 12 police officers, killing five, during a Thursday night protest, Stewart blamed "liberal politicians who label police as racists — specifically Hillary Clinton and Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam" — for encouraging the murder of police officers.

Source: Facebook

In a later Facebook post, Stewart said that Northam and Clinton "are pitting minorities against the police."

"Whenever there is a police shooting involving a minority, their knee jerk reaction is to allege racism. That is insulting to the men and women in blue who risk their lives to protect ours. But worse, these allegations result in the murder of our police," Stewart said.

Source: Facebook

This is not the first time that Stewart has been outspoken about his opinion of Clinton. Shortly after his first post about the Dallas shooting, Stewart shared a story about Clinton campaigning in the state, saying, "this crook should be arrested when she arrives in Prince William County."

He has also tweeted saying Clinton is "unfit/unqualified to be commander-in-chief."

The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.