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The Power Brief

The New York Stock Exchange ahead of Super Tuesday.
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A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are solidly higher and poised to break the S&P intraday record of 2,134. Investors are still cheering the strong jobs report from Friday and news of a possible new stimulus plan in Japan. The Nikkei index closed up almost 4% overnight.

-European and London markets are higher, and now the British pound is up a bit to the$1.29 level.

-Earnings season begins this week and there are signs of a rebound from the last few weaker quarters.


-Crude is down more than 1% and near a two-month low at the $44/barrel level.

-Gasoline prices are down to $2.23/gallon, national average. That's 14 cents/gallon less than a month ago today.


-Investigators say they've found evidence the Dallas cop killer shooter planned an even bigger attack with bombs.

-Some police groups are starting to blame Pres. Obama for stoking the flames of anti-cop hatred with his many comments, including his speech hours before the Dallas killings.


-In a first, the Democratic Party platform will call for the abolition of the death penalty. This is a complete reversal of the strong pro-death penalty stance Bill Clinton took before and during his presidency and is indicative of how Hillary Clinton is still running after a Democrat base that's moved decidedly to the left of her.

-Donald Trump is vetting recently retired General Michael Flynn for VP. He's known for his strong stance against radical Islam, but he's also pro-choice.

-This election is harder to poll and predict because so many voters are new to the process and a good deal of the others are jumping party lines.


-Walmart is responding to Amazon "Prime Day" by offering free shipping and cutting prices on some popular items.

-Sears, the Gap, and other more traditional retailers are offering special deals today too.


-WME/IMG is buying the UFC mixed martial arts league for $4 billion.


-Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg is responding to GOP efforts to block his company's huge passenger jet deal with Iran. He says if Boeing can't sell to Iran, then no US company should be allowed to do so.


-But Boeing is announcing new deals with the U.K. for coastline patrol aircraft and other aerospace products. The deal will create thousands of new jobs in Britain. Brexit/Schmexit!


-Fox News chief Roger Ailes wants former anchorwoman Grechen Carlson's suit sent to arbitration. His lawyers say that's required according to her employment contract.


-The US is gearing up for a big offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS.

-Iran is not going to stop ballistic missile testing despite warnings from the UN.

-The world market's demand for US-made weapons is still growing with no end in site.

-Speaking of that demand, the US Air Force is still urging Congress and the White House to approve long-delayed fighter jet sales to Kuwait, and Bahrain.