Cramer: Pokemon craze shows youth have overtaken the world of stocks

Cramer: Pokemon craze shows youth have overtaken the world of stocks

As Jim Cramer watched Nintendo's stock soar thanks to the "Pokemon Go" craze, he couldn't help but wonder if getting older has somehow disqualified investors from being able to make money.

"Our sons and daughters are beyond our command and doing things with technology that we can't understand, but we better start or we will be left by the order that is rapidly changing," the "Mad Money" host said.

It is clear to Cramer that the world of youth has overtaken the world of stocks. And those looking to enter the world of investing must be aware of the changing environment.

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"No, this isn't some sort of mid-life crisis, if I can still go by the mid-life rubric. I'm talking about the need to keep with Instagram, Snapchat and Boomerang and a host of other applications or you simply won't understand why a cohort of stocks is going higher," Cramer said.

The same mindset could be applied to how a hamburger can be made by two people instead of three, or machines that can produce millions more Oreos per hour than humans, or how cellphones have wiped out jobs everywhere.

Cramer was in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago and when he asked investors what the next big thing was, most of them said augmented reality (AR). The "Pokemon Go" craze is driven by AR.

"I don't know, at this point when I was the age of the 'Pokemon Go' players I was holding down two jobs and my mother would have charged me rent if I were fooling around with this stuff. Now overnight, it's become a staple," Cramer said.

While the game could be the hot trend today and gone tomorrow, Cramer doesn't expect the AR concept to go anywhere. He recommended investors think about buying Twilio, as he thinks the stock could double from its current levels.

"I want to appropriate the phrase: the stock market, for those who think young, or at least you'd better, because your old road is rapidly agin' and times they are a changin'," Cramer said.

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