Co-founder of $100 million Hyperloop startup claims executive threatened him with a noose

It's one of the more bizarre details in the lawsuit by Hyperloop One co-founder Brogan BamBrogan against the company's leaders.

BamBrogan, in a suit filed Tuesday, alleges that in retaliation for informing investors about breaches of fiduciary duty by company leaders, former chief legal officer Afshin Pishevar — brother of board chair Shervin Pishevar — allegedly "strolled through Hyperloop One's office and placed a hangman's noose on BamBrogan's chair," according to the complaint.

Afshin Pishevar allegedly left the noose on BamBrogan's desk after chair Shervin Pishevar met with several of the company's Russian investors, who had been informed by BamBrogan of the company's alleged infractions.

The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that the company's leaders have misused funds, breached their fiduciary duty and conspired "to augment their personal brands, enhance their romantic lives, and line their pockets and those of family members)."

The defendants are well-known in technology. Shervin Pishevar, a Hyperloop co-founder, was an early investor in Uber and hosted President Barack Obama at his San Francisco home last year. Joe Lonsdale, Hyperloop vice chairman, is a co-founder of Palantir Technologies and a well-known venture capitalist. And Robert Lloyd is Hyperloop's CEO and was previously on the short list to succeed John Chambers as CEO of Cisco.

Lead plaintiff BamBrogan, who co-founded the company along with Pishevar in 2014, was forced to resign last month for reasons that to date haven't been made clear until now. BamBrogan was joined in the suit by three other early executives.

CNBC has asked for comments from both Pishevar brothers as well as Lonsdale and Lloyd. None have yet responded.

These photos are in the complaint.

Read the entire lawsuit below.

— CNBC's Ari Levy contributed to this report.

Correction: This story has been revised to reflect that Afshin Pishevar is Hyperloop One's former chief legal officer.

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