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Cramer: Best REIT in the game

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Blackstone Group: "BX or KKR, we could be talking to any one of these companies. They all need to have some equity offerings freed up. I'm not going to cut and run on Blackstone though. Too smart guys."

Coresite Realty: "I like Equinix more. We did a big number on those, and I think that is the best one in the game."

Tesaro: "Fortunately we hope for a good ovarian cancer drug. But the problem is they did a giant equity secondary. Our history has been that after they do the secondaries, we have to say don't buy. And that's where I am."

Radius Health: "It's not a good time for speculative stocks. I like Radius ... I think it's done a really great job, and I'm not going to say sell it. I think you should stick with it."

Cirrus Logic: "You made a lot of money because that turned out to be a home run. Boy, that is literally one of those companies that makes the sound for Apple. I want you to sell half just in case all of these negativists are right, and let the rest run."

Kinder Morgan: "It's going to come back. They made a nice sale the other day and lowered the debt. It's OK. It's an OK situation."

Calgon Carbon Corporation: "I'm so old I remember when it was spun off by Merck. It's a filtration company. Don't sell it. It's too low. That's ridiculous."

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