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RNC uses broken printer diversion to head off revolt against Trump

RNC blames broken printer for delaying meeting

When is a broken printer not actually a broken printer? When you are running the Republican National Convention's rules committee and you need a distraction.

The GOP convention's powerful rules committee was brought to a halt Thursday morning as committee chair Enid Mickelsen claimed there was a problem with the committee's printers preventing the consideration of business, Time magazine reported.

However, the true reason for the delay was a secret meeting convened by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Those attending included Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh and some of her fellow anti-Donald Trump delegates.

The goal of the meeting was to persuade delegates to drop the extraneous amendments — which were piling up by the dozens — to avoid drama during the televised meeting, according to Time.

Delegates opposed to the Republican Party's presumptive nominee are seeking to use the rules committee to unbind delegates, allowing them to vote freely at next week's convention and potentially deny Trump the nomination.