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T-Mobile is giving its users free data to play 'Pokemon Go'

T-Mobile offering free data to play 'Pokemon Go'

T-Mobile announced Thursday that it is unleashing free and unlimited data for 'Pokemon Go' players so trainers catch them all without data worries for one year.

The carrier also announced in a release that for "T-Mobile Tuesday" on July 19, it will partner with ride sharing company Lyft and fast food chain Wendy's to bring a new experience to the game users.

This is the latest addition to T-Mobile's Tuesday giveaways, which allows the carrier to hop on the back of Pokemon Go's massive platform and possibly draw more users to its wireless phone services.

There will be free Lyft rides up to $15 to catch certain Pokemon or visit gyms, where players can train their Pikachus and Wendy's will give out free Frosty drinks. T-Mobile stores are handing out chargers at half-price to encourage roaming around nonstop.

250 winners will be selected to win $100 worth of PokeCoins, the currency in the game, and five people will win a Pokemon "hunting trip." The details of what the latter will entail are unclear.

Just three days after Pokemon Go's release, the action game drew more users than Twitter and became the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. It garnered over 21 million users as of Tuesday.