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Cramer's game plan: Your best chance to make money in earnings season

Cramer's game plan: Your best chance to make money in earnings season

Next week the market will be in the thick of a busy earnings season, and Jim Cramer doesn't plan on sleeping for the next three weeks.

"Next week you need to be prepared for opportunities, most of which come after the quarters when the short-tempered hot-heads dump the stocks of perfectly good companies," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, Cramer shared the stocks and events on his radar next week:

Monday: Bank of America, IBM, Netflix, Yahoo
Netflix: No one is expecting much from Netflix this time around because it missed the last quarter badly, and Cramer thinks that is a positive. He expects it to get back on track for growth, but doesn't know when the increase will occur.

Yahoo: Cramer wants to hear that either the company is breaking up and has received some bids, or that Rick Hill will be appointed chairman. If the first situation occurs, he said to sell the stock. If Rick Hill is appointed, he recommended buying the stock. If nothing happens, do nothing.

Tuesday: Johnson & Johnson, UnitedHealth, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft
Johnson & Johnson: Cramer is a huge backer of Johnson & Johnson, which he officially anointed the "true market darling." He is hoping that it sells off enough for investors to buy it at lower prices.

Microsoft: The company's last quarter was an ugly one, but the stock has managed to work its way back. Cramer is not confident about the situation because Microsoft paid so much for LinkedIn, and he's unclear of how much growth it will provide.

Wednesday: Abbott Labs, American Express
American Express: Cramer is very worried that the company has lost its way, and doesn't think the current leadership can turn things around.

Thursday: Domino's Pizza, General Motors, Travelers, Chipotle, Schlumberger, Starbucks
General Motors: Somehow there's always something wrong with GM's quarter. There's always a region doing poorly or worries of self-driving cars. Could the 5 percent yield be too good to be true? Cramer has stayed away from the stock, but he's tempted by the yield.

Chipotle: As the stock continues to put space between itself and the health scares last fall, Cramer finds it more compelling.

Starbucks: While some investors may disagree, Cramer thinks there is plenty more growth ahead for Starbucks. He recommended waiting and seeing the quarter before buying the stock.

"Investors have really cooled on this one lately and I think that's a mistake," Cramer said.

Friday: Honeywell, General Electric
If either stock comes down ahead of its report because of an erroneous non-related issue, Cramer wants investors to pull the trigger and buy. These companies are that good.

"Those are your best chances for trying to make money as the non-stop portion of earnings season begins," Cramer said.

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