Why I don't want to nominate Donald Trump: Republican delegate

What's next for 'Dump Trump'?

Virginia delegate Beau Correll is hoping for an upset at the Republican National Convention.

He has already won the right from a federal judge to vote for someone other than Donald Trump. After challenging a Virginia law that compelled all state delegates to vote for the winner of the state's primary, the judge threw out the statute.

Now he's challenging the rules at the GOP convention in the hopes that all delegates can vote for whomever they choose. Right now, they are bound to state primary results.

"We're fighting hard because we don't think he can beat Hillary Clinton," Correll said in an interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Monday.

While he wouldn't say who would make a good alternative nominee, he said, "Anyone that's competent and able to beat Hillary Clinton would be my choice."

Correll said Trump has been "outraised" by Clinton 40 to 1 and has a skeleton staff.

"When he's not spending money on hats, he's wasting it on jet fuel and his steakhouse."

Right now the anti-Trump groups have the petitions necessary to have a roll call on the convention rules, which are a stranglehold on the grass-roots organizations, he said.

Although Correll admits denying Trump the nomination is a long shot.

"In order to have any shot, even a 1 percent chance, we have to knock the rules down."

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.