These 4 stocks could trigger a $24B market cap shift this week

Options Action: Big Dow movers on deck

Ahead of earnings, investors are betting on major moves from a slew of blue chip Dow stocks reporting results this week.

The options market is indicating that American Express and Intel, both set to report earnings after the bell on Wednesday, could each see a 4 percent swing up or down.

Additionally, options traders are anticipating a 4 percent move for Visa after it reports earnings on Thursday and a 2 percent shift for General Electric after it reports on Friday.

"Collectively, when you think about how big the market capitalization swings on these four companies are, we're talking about a change in valuation of probably $24 billion," Mike Khouw explained Tuesday on "Fast Money."

The president of Optimize Advisors noted that the indicated moves for AmEx and Intel are larger than they have been in the past, "probably because both have had a lot of news out lately."

Indeed, the release of Apple's iPhone 7 could be a boon for Intel as the company's chips may be used in the new device. On the flipside, second-quarter earnings for AmEx could take a hit thanks to restructuring charges (which cost the company $84 million in the previous quarter) and historically low gas prices.