Super Bowl Champ Joe Theismann Talks Markets

Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann's investing playbook

NFL MVP joined the Halftime Report today and discussed his view on why the market is taking off and his investing playbook.

"I think money is coming in from a lot of different places that we haven't seen before. With our interest rates and no interest rates or negative interest rates around the world, the United States is a great place to put anybody's money," says Theismann.

He also believes there are certain aspects of the market that people have to be careful of:

"Now people have to sit there and say alright when is it going to slow down, when are we going to get that percentage moved back,when is it going to reload, and take a breath; I'm not sure."

So which stocks are on his roster?

"I do like Biotech. I like Keryx Biopharmaceutical;I play that a little bit. Juno is one I like. I think they've got some really good things going on. I also like the oils," he said.