Sarah Silverman: 'To the Bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous'

Sarah Silverman: Sanders helped wake America up

PHILADELPHIA — Comedian Sarah Silverman had a harsh message Monday for Bernie Sanders supporters who have made an ultimatum: "You're being ridiculous."

Silverman, who backed the senator from Vermont in the Democratic primary, took the Democratic National Convention stage with Sen. Al Franken, a fellow comedian and Hillary Clinton supporter. Silverman said she would "vote for Hillary with gusto, as (she continues) to be inspired by the ideals set forth by Bernie."

Some delegates on the Wells Fargo Center floor broke out in a chant of "Bernie!" Over the gathering chant, Silverman chided back: "To the 'Bernie or Bust' people, you're being ridiculous."

Sanders mounted a strong Democratic primary challenge to Clinton, railing against what he called entrenched politicians and financial industry elites. Some Sanders supporters have pledged not to vote for presumptive nominee Clinton, who some feel embodies the systemic problems Sanders highlighted.

Sanders has endorsed Clinton and urged his supporters to support her and defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Still, many pro-Sanders delegates on the floor Monday booed speakers and broke out in chants of "Bernie!"

Thousands of protesters have also rallied against Clinton's nomination here.