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Company Widens Recall of Contaminated Flour

Maggie Fox
General Mills' Gold Medal flour on display at a supermarket in Princeton, Illinois.
Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

General Mills widened its recall of potentially contaminated flour Monday, and health officials said 46 people have been made sick so far by raw flour.

The flour was contaminated with toxic E. coli bacteria, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

"Four more ill people have been reported from two states. The most recent illness started on June 25, 2016," the CDC said. Two different types of E. coli have been found in the flour. The total: 46 people made sick in 21 states.

"One person has developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a type of kidney failure," the CDC said. No one has died.

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"Epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback evidence indicate that flour produced at the General Mills facility in Kansas City, Missouri is a likely source of this outbreak," the CDC added.

"Do not eat raw dough or batter, whether made from recalled flour or any other flour," CDC advised.

"Consumers should bake all items made with raw dough or batter before eating them. Do not taste raw dough or batter."

General Mills has a complete list of the affected flours on its website.

"Flour is a raw ingredient that is intended to be cooked or baked. Flour is made from wheat that is grown outdoors where bacteria are often present and the normal flour milling process does not remove these bacteria," it said.