Cramer: Why Home Depot will have a better quarter than Lowe's

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

FedEx: "At this point I think that United Parcel is cheaper. I would go with UPS."

Bristow Group: "If you want to be in helicopters that do oil service, than why don't you get diversified and go into Lockheed Martin. You also get the helicopters because they bought Sikorsky, highest quality."

Canadian National Railway: "No, I'm not a railroad buyer here right now. They have had too big of a move. I want to wait until they come down."

AMC Entertainment: "I want you to hold on to that because Adam Aron is running that and I have high regard for Adam is going to do a very, very good job. I like his acquisition strategy."

AK Steel Holding Corp: "You should keep AK Steel. Why should you hold on to it? Because the Chinese and Koreans cannot dump anymore and we heard from U.S. Steel. That call last night, things are starting to cook. We had Nucor's John Ferriola on the other day. When you block China and Korea from doing their nefarious dumping, you get a company that can have a real stock run."

Johnson Controls: "You want to hold on to that. I think that is a terrific situation. When they sort that thing out [merger with Tyco] it's got to be one that I keep coming back to as a great situation."

Home Depot: "I think Home Depot is going to do better than Lowe's this quarter. I recognize Lowe's had a good quarter. Most importantly, I was on the Masco call last night, which is plumbing and paint, and I've got to tell you, I felt even better about Home Depot. I think the stock is a buy."

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