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Analyst who Downgraded Facebook Sticks with the Call

BTIG Analyst, Rich Greenfield, downgraded Facebook to Neutral last week ahead of earnings.

On today's Halftime Report, Greenfield discussed if he still stands by his call after Facebook crushed recent earnings.

Facebook crushes earnings
Facebook crushes earnings

While he thinks the social media giant is a great company, he still has concerns.

"We're a little worried about the relative opportunity right here,and I think that's why the stock is trading where it is and why people are taking profit," he said.

Greenfield also addressed the fear around the possibility of Facebook not being able to push their ad loads any further.

"I think as you're seeing in the stock, which is steadily moving lower since after-market trading last night, there is really a fear of decelerating growth in the back half of this year and especially when you get into 2017."

Trader Joe Terranova believes Facebook is underestimated at times and investors should stay with the stock.

"Asia up 65%, Europe up 55%; why aren't we talking about the potential with Facebook internationally like we talk about some of these other names, I think that's what we're underestimating, " he argued.

Aureus Asset Manager Karen Firestone agreed with Terranova and thinks Facebook has a mass ability to reach many.

"It's not just the United States. They've got everybody here, so I think the revenue potential that they have is so extreme… it's very impressive."

Shares of Facebook are up almost 20 percent this year.