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Welcome to 'Bernie-ville': Sanders supporters camp out at DNC

Bernie Sanders supporters rally and camp out in FDR park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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PHILADELPHIA — Bernie Sanders' supporters are as persistent as they come.

Even after the senator from Vermont effectively conceded to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, more than 100 Sanders supporters remained camped out at this city's Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park.

People traveled from all across the country to show their support for Sanders and, at the same time, protest against the Democratic National Convention and Clinton's candidacy.

"Hillary Clinton is a warmonger," said Eric Kestner, a 50-year-old service manager at a European car repair shop, who traveled from Seattle. "She's got Dick Cheney on speed dial to buy Halliburton."

Campers have had to battle the elements this week, especially the heat, as temperatures in Philadelphia remained around 90 degrees during the day.

"We feel gross," said Roxann Holloway, a freelance video editor in her 40s, who traveled from Los Angeles. "But this is for our country and our countrymen."

For some campers, the heat is just part of the deal. "It seems to be a normal thing in the summer among young people now. Everybody loves to camp, so it's not something we're not used to," said Cristian Galvan, a 20-year-old student from Indiana.

"Bernie-ville" also served as a safe haven for Sanders' supporters, said Mark Roe, a 55-year-old journalist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. "Every protest needs a central location. There's activity going on downtown, but we're closer to the convention center here."

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— By CNBC's Fred Imbert and Qin Chen
Posted 28 July 2016

Qin Chen | CNBC