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What a Clinton presidency really means for the stock market

Sharp contrast between Clinton and Trump: Roger Altman

Wall Street — and the stock market — may now be comfortable with the idea of a Hillary Clinton victory, but her policies and those of other Democrats may not be particularly good for the lagging oil sector, minimum wage employers, financial companies, big tech and biotech companies, among others.

Other sectors could be winners, however, including hospitals, internet companies, solar, clean energy, discount stores, railroads, and media and entertainment content companies. There is also a whole group of companies in infrastructure, defense and cybersecurity that would stand to win from both her policies and and the Republican Party in its platform.

"There are remarkably more similarities than differences. That's the irony of this whole thing," said Jack Ablin, CIO of BMO Private Bank. "This is such a bitter fight, and yet many of their core strategies are similar, which is the first time I've seen that in a long time. I'm not sure I'd want to be Bank of America in here." Both candidates propose breaking up the big banks.