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Sales-tax holidays kick off

2016 Sales-Tax Holiday Calendar

State* Applies To Notable Exceptions Dates
Alabama (4.00% tax)"clothing ($100) computers ($750) school supplies ($50) books ($30)""clothing accessories (e.g. belt buckles) protective equipment (e.g. safety goggles) sports or recreational equipment furniture magazines newspapers and other periodicals video games of a non-educational nature"8/5 – 8/7
Arkansas (6.50% tax)"clothing ($100) school supplies (no limit) clothing accessory or equipment ($50.00)""sewing equipment and accessories belt buckles protective equipment sports equipment"8/6 – 8/7
Connecticut (6.35% tax)clothing and Footwear ($100)"clothing or footwear that is designed for athletic or protective use other safety apparel clothing accessories"8/21 – 8/27
Florida (6.00% tax)"school supplies ($15) clothing and footwear ($60)""some books school supplies and clothing sold in theme parks entertainment complexes public lodging establishments or airports accessories sporting equipment computers"8/5 – 8/7
Georgia (4.00% tax)"school supplies ($20)clothing ($100) computer ($1,000)""clothing accessories rentals Sewing equipment and accessories computer accessories designed for recreational use Belt Buckles items used for business sales occurring in theme parks entertainment complexes public lodging establishments airports or restaurants"7/30 – 7/31
Iowa (6.00% tax)clothing and footwear ($100)"clothing accessories sports equipment protective Equipment"8/5 – 8/6
Louisiana (4.00% tax)"tangible personal property ($2,500)""taxable services (e.g. laundry cleaning) rentals and leases "8/5 – 8/6
Maryland (6.00% tax)clothing & Footwear ($100)"clothing accessories sports equipment protective equipment"7/29 – 7/30
Missouri (4.225% tax)"clothing ($100) computers ($3,500) school Supplies ($50)""clothing accessories sports equipment office clothing"8/5 – 8/7
New Mexico (5.125% tax)"clothing and footwear ($100) computers ($1,000) computer equipment ($500) school supplies ($15)""sporting equipment protective equipment clothing accessories sewing or knitting materials Items intended to be used for business "8/5 – 8/7
Ohio (5.75% tax)"clothing ($75) school Supplies ($20) school Instruction Material ($20)""clothing accessories sports equipment protective equipment"8/5 – 8/7
Oklahoma (4.50% tax)clothing ($100)"accessories special athletic or protective clothing and footwear rentals"8/5 – 8/7
South Carolina (6.00% tax)"clothing (no limit) school supplies (no limit) computers (no limit) other (no limit)""music players day planners smart phones furniture sporting equipment protective equipment"8/5 – 8/7
Tennessee (7.00% tax)"clothing ($100) school Supplies ($100) computers ($1,500)""clothing accessories sporting equipment reference books & maps computer accessories & softwear printers & printer supplies school instructional material"7/29 – 7/31
Texas (6.25% tax)"clothing backpacks and school supplies ($100)""rentals clothing accessories repairs cleaning backpacks for college-age students and above athletic equipment protective equipment"8/5 – 8/7
Virginia (5.30 – 6.00% tax)"clothing ($100) school supplies ($20)""clothing accessories sports equipment protective equipment"8/5 – 8/7
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