Penn Jillette: Trump 'much worse than volatile, capricious and irresponsible’

Penn Jillette
Richard Shotwell | Invision | AP

Illusionist and author Penn Jillette criticized his former "The Celebrity Apprentice" co-worker and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for the things that made him good for reality television.

"I was nice to him as a co-worker and I do like him," Jillette said of Trump on CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Wednesday. But he added that Trump is "much worse than volatile, capricious and irresponsible."

"I wanted someone who spoke from the hip, spoke honestly, was outside of the Washington establishment. A lot of what that is, [Trump] is, it just happens that he's not the right one," Jillette added.

Jillette said instead he would likely be voting for Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

"I disagree with Hillary Clinton on most everything," Jillette said. "Gary Johnson...he's kind of the only grownup we have left whose honest and straightforward."

A Trump campaign spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Jillette's remarks.