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Paul Meeks: Facebook is the new Coca-Cola

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

Coincidentally, Facebook and Coca-Cola recently reported their quarterly earnings on the same day last week. The former's daily active users rose to 1.13 billion, which was up 17 percent from the prior year; and, critically, 91 percent of those folks were mobile users. Its monthly active users jumped 15 percent to 1.71 billion.

Coke claims that it sells 1.9 billion servings (12 ounces per serving) of its sugar water worldwide each day. Yet, its unit case volume and concentrate sales continued to dwindle in the June quarter.

The reason why I compare these seemingly unrelated behemoths is that I believe that Facebook ultimately will "touch" more people around the world than Coke did at its peak. If I'm right, the worth of the former's brand is still undervalued and perhaps significantly discounted.