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Shark Tank's O'Leary on Trump's Econ Plan

Presidential nominee Donald Trump released his economic plan earlier this week.

On today's Halftime Report, Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary weighed in on Trump's plan.

Weighing Trump's economic plan

O'Leary believes if Trump follows through he will attract more votes.

"If he can actually deliver a growth strategy which would include a 15% small business tax, they [small business owners] are voting for him. Repatriation of capital is good for large companies some of them will start to listen to that if he stays on message on that. Every farmer wants to see the state tax repealed. It's so unfair to work your whole life on apiece of land and have 55% stolen from you 90 days after you die. Every farmer will vote for that," he said.

Despite some of the public's disagreement with Trump, O'Leary is in favor of Trump's economic growth plan and thinks it will help him with being elected.

"These are plans that are going to get votes, and you can criticize till the cows come home, but if he stays on message here he will stay on a statistical error of being a 50/50 chance of being the president," O'Leary argued.

Kevin O'Leary does not endorse Mr. Trump, or any presidential candidate, his comments are related to Trump's economic ideas.