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Soylent launches first new product: Breakfast in a bottle

Will this be Silicon Valley's next power source?

Soylent became popular for its quest to replace meals with powder. Now it's hoping you'll never skip breakfast again.

The Los Angeles-based food technology company launched its first product line extension on Wednesday -- Coffiest. The bottled beverage is meant to combine breakfast and coffee into one. The drink has 75 mg of caffeine in each bottle along with L-theanine, which is used to promote relaxation.

The beverage is available for sale in the U.S. and in Canada in packs of twelve for between $37-$39.

Each bottle has around 400 calories and meets twenty percent of the daily recommended values for vitamins, according to the company.


Soylent first generated buzz when its founder, Rob Rhinehart lived off Soylent for 30 days, hoping to set an example of convenient food.

The product subsequently became popular in Silicon Valley for busy techies who wanted to have a meal, without spending too much money or time away from their computers.

The morning caffeinated and breakfast supplement market is already a crowded space. Bulletproof Coffee, a brand of coffee meant to maximize performance has also become popular in Silicon Valley.