Moody's economist fires back at Trump — full interview

Moody's Analytics' chief economist, Mark Zandi, responded to Donald Trump calling his firm's analysis "ridiculous" in a CNBC interview Friday.

When asked about Moody's analysis saying Trump's economic plan would cause a "lengthy recession," Trump said on CNBC Thursday: "I assume they are Democrats because it's a ridiculous statement. ... My plan cuts taxes. She [Hillary Clinton] is going to be raising."

Zandi defended the firm's findings: "Read the research, the methodology, the assumptions, the results are very transparent ... It was a team. I led a team with both Ds [Democrats] and Rs [Republicans] on the team."

He added, "The biggest difference between the Trump perspective and Clinton perspective with regard to future economic growth ... is her policies with regard to immigration."

The economist did admit in the interview he is a registered Democrat and contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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