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Writer of Melania Trump's controversial speech listed on campaign payroll

Melania Trump's speechwriter listed on July payroll

The writer of Melania Trump's controversial Republican National Convention speech was paid by Donald Trump's presidential campaign in July, which may clear up lingering questions about her involvement with the campaign.

Trump's campaign committee reported a $356.01 payroll expense to Meredith McIver on July 23, according to Federal Election Commission data released Saturday. Last month, the Trump Organization said McIver, an "in-house" writer at the Trump Organization, worked on Melania Trump's speech that stirred controversy for its similarities to one first lady Michelle Obama gave in 2008.

Because McIver works for the Trump Organization and not the campaign, her work on the speech could have run afoul of campaign laws if she was not compensated for her services. It was not immediately clear if the payment to McIver was directly for the speech, as the expense came after the Republican convention ended.

A Trump campaign spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request to confirm whether the payment was made for McIver's work on Trump's speech.

McIver was previously listed as a co-writer on multiple Donald Trump books.