TV pioneer Norman Lear thinks there's way too much media

TV legend Norman Lear: There is too much media
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TV legend Norman Lear: Don't binge watch on your phone

Television legend Norman Lear says that although media is in its golden age, "everything is overdone."

Lear built his career as a television producer and writer with shows like "The Jeffersons," "Good Times," "All in the Family" and "Maude."

"I think excess is, overall, a negative," Lear said in an interview on CNBC's "Binge." "I think that has made us far more consumers than citizens. . . everything is for sale, including our political lives."

Lear named "Black–ish," "Night Manager" and "South Park" as some of the great shows that reflect current social issues and that put media in its golden age.

Netflix will be remaking Lear's hit "One Day at a Time," which will be available for streaming in 2017.

"They'll be able to binge 13 right away," Lear said. "I can't believe that some people will sit and watch it in a long evening."

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