Cramer fires back on Mylan CEO comments

Cramer comments on Mylan pricing annoucement

CNBC's Jim Cramer fired back Thursday on comments from Mylan CEO Heather Bresch about pricing of the auto-injection device EpiPen.

"If you can get away with jacking things up and gouging it then you've got to do it," Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street," "because the shareholders want it."

The scrutinized company announced Thursday it plans to increase access to its EpiPen, a lifesaving device for people with severe allergies. Mylan said it would make expansions to its already existing cost-cutting programs.

Shares of Mylan rose after the announcement.

The company had come under pressure from consumers, members of Congress and Hillary Clinton after the device's price increased by more than 400 percent in the past decade for some customers.

Cramer, who says he uses a similar medication, has been critical of the pharmaceutical company and industry, saying in part that the companies will do whatever they can get away with in the system.

"As someone who is well-off-enough to have these ... and you don't need two, you need a store hold of them," he said. "This is one where you can get away with it. There's no competition, there is supposed to be competition."

He also briefly commented on Mylan's stock rise in early trading and whether or not the CEO's comments satisfied shareholders.

"Until the real Donald Trump tweets and says she should give it away," he said. "And then [Hillary] Clinton tweets that 'I was unsatisfied.'"