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The Power Brief

A pressman checks uncut sheets of $20 bills at the US Bureau of Engraving in Washington, DC.
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A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are flat as the market awaits 830am data on personal spending and inflation.

-The dollar is at a three-week high.

-US business startup activity is at a seven-year high.


-Crude prices are down about 1.5% to the $46/barrel level.

-Gasoline prices held steady overnight at $2.21/gallon, national average.


-Today's LA Times/USC poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied.

-Trump will give a major speech this Wednesday supposedly clarifying his evolving position on immigration.

-Trump is also planning to extend his African-American outreach by making some appearances in inner city churches.

-A new influx of white retirees is boosting Trump's chances of winning Florida.

-More newly-released Clinton emails are showing more evidence of preferred access to State Department events for Clinton Foundation donors.


-Enrollment for Obamacare plans nationally is now clearly below 50% of the projected level.

-31% of US counties are now facing just one insurance company option for Obamacar ehealth plans.


-Mylan CEO Heather Bresch sold $5 million worth of the company stock this month.


-Swiss drugmaker Roche says the FDA has issued an Emergency Use Authorization for its test for the Zika virus.


-The commercial drone industry gets the luxury of actually having nationally clear rules to follow from the FAA beginning today.

-Two United Airlines pilots are being held in Scotland on charges they were drunk as they were about to fly a passenger jet to the US.

-Japan's first-ever domestically built passenger jet, (made by Mitsubishi), has had to abort its first two planned test flights to the US.


-Iran has sent its new long-range missiles to its nuclear site at Fordo.

-The US aerospace and defense sector is expected to show 3.2% growth for 2016.

-The German army is looking for Islamist infiltrators in its ranks.

-44% of US homes have at least one documented gun owner.