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Top picks of the best bank analysts: TipRanks

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Editor's note: TipRanks is a tech company that ranks analysts and financial bloggers based on their picks' performance. This piece highlights analysts with great track records who are not necessarily from the biggest firms.

The financial sector is one of the largest portions of the S&P 500 and consists of some of the largest and most recognizable banking institutions and insurance companies in the world. Most companies within the sector issue dividends and are judged on the overall strength of their financial health.

TipRanks measured the top financial analysts and which stocks these experts believe are expected to outperform the market.

Using a natural language processing algorithm, we ranked analysts based on the following factors:

  • Average return: The annual average return produced by an analyst's sell and buy recommendations in the following year.

  • Success rate: The ratio of an analyst's sell and buy recommendations that generated positive returns in the following year.

  • Statistical significance: The more ratings provided by the analyst, the more significant the results are statistically, therefore calculating whether the analyst is ranked very high or very low.

Here are the 10 best-performing financial analysts and their current favorite stock.