Any Apple wireless headphones could still be a tangle

A lot of iPhone users don't like the rumors they're hearing.

Apple is unveiling new products on Wednesday at a much-hyped news event in San Francisco, and one of the big rumors floating around is that a potential new iPhone 7 will not have the traditional headphone jack.

The rumors drew immediate condemnation from iPhone users. In addition to the iPhone rumors, reports surfaced Friday that Apple will also debut "a selection of new Beats by Dre products" too — introducing products from the headphone company the tech giant acquired in 2014.

The first widespread smartphone without a headphone jack? We decided to take a look at how that change would affect the consumer, by going to the Apple store of course. We bought a selection of popular Bluetooth headphones: Bose QC35, Beats Studio Wireless, Pump2 by BlueAnt and Powerbeats wireless.

After assembling our test devices, we put them through a series of unscientific tests. Our goal wasn't to determine what the best wireless headphones are — that's far too complicated and a very individual decision. But we wanted to see what kind of concerns the average iPhone user might have after Apple cuts the cord.

It turns out that while Apple might be getting rid of tangled wires, it could be creating all sorts of troublesome new headaches for its users.

We reached out to Apple, Bose and BlueAnt for comment, but none of the companies responded to our requests.