Building on bricks with clicks: How LEGO is going digital

LEGO looks to back up bricks with clicks

LEGO is looking to build upon its success in the digital sphere, according to the toy-maker's chief financial officer.

The company has already branched out into cartoons and video games and is looking to fuse the company's traditional building bricks with the digital world.

"What we're looking to do is to compliment the fantastic physical LEGO play experience with the digital aspects that are permeating into more and more into children's lives," LEGO's Chief Financial Officer John Goodwin told CNBC on Tuesday.

Jay Directo | AFP | Getty Images

"We have a fantastic line-up of LEGO-based games both on mobile and computer-based and this year we have products such as the Nexo Knights that we launched this year that fuse together digital aspects with the physical aspects and through that process we're enhancing the overall play experience."

On Tuesday, the LEGO Group reported that global group sales grew 10 percent in the first half of 2016 with double-digit growth in both Europe and Asia. Sales were flat in the Americas in the same period, however.

Sales growth strong in Europe and Asia: LEGO

Goodwin said the overall results were still "very satisfying."

"We've seen particular strength in Europe and Asia and we're really pleased that because it shows that both in the established markets and in newer markets like Asia we're able to get the great LEGO playing experience into more hands of more children."

Last year, LEGO introduced 350 new products to the toy market and Goodwin noted that the number of new products had slightly increased year-on-year. He saw this as a reason for LEGO's success.

"It's that freshness that enables us to attract more children to the great LEGO play experience."