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Durex announced an eggplant flavored condom for a very serious reason

Durex announced eggplant-flavored condom for a cause
Durex announced eggplant-flavored condom for a cause

Durex sent social media alight when it announced it would release an eggplant-flavored condom.

The condom maker announced Monday the new flavor in a tweet complete with an eggplant emoji.

For those that don't know, the eggplant emoji is used in messages to refer to a male's private parts, because why else would you need an emoji like this?

Durex followed up with another tweet for confused Brits wondering what an eggplant is.


But it was all a hoax. Durex isn't really bringing out a savory condom flavor. Instead, the tweet was part of the company's campaign to get a condom emoji introduced in a bid to get young people to talk about safe sex.

In November, Durex launched a campaign calling for the "world's first official safe sex condom emojis".

"Emojis are a crucial part of how young couples connect and research suggests that the creation of official safe sex emojis are vital to inserting messages around protection into their sexual conversations," Durex said in a press release at the time.