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Larry Hatheway says violent rate move could be ahead in '17

Larry Hatheway, head of multi-asset portfolio solutions and chief economist at GAM, a global asset management firm with more than $110 billion in investments, joined CNBC PRO to discuss the key investment trends he expects to emerge in the next 12 months, including a potentially violent move in interest rates.

"What we could see at the turn of the year is an interesting scenario where the Fed might be preparing the groundwork for the next rate increase ... and if at the same time the ECB were signaling that it might see an end to its bond-purchase program, those two things taken in tandem could actually be the catalyst for an upward move in interest rates taking us back to perhaps the levels we were at the end of last year ... 50 to 75 basis points above present levels," said Hatheway.

In this wide-ranging exclusive conversation, the former chief economist at UBS' investment bank also touches on:

  • Coming rotation out of dividend-paying stocks.
  • Reasons why the traditional 60/40 portfolio allocation doesn't work.
  • The one metric that still matters the most for investors.

PRO subscribers can also read the entire transcript of the exclusive interview below.