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Sony exec explains why it broke out new PS4 models now

Sony unveils new Playstation 4

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House said on Thursday he sees an advantage to breaking from typical game console refresh cycles following Sony's release of two new versions of the PlayStation 4.

"There's an opportunity not to split the market or do anything to damage a really nice integrated community of players but to offer something that keeps people engaged and keeps them there for the long term," House told CNBC's "Squawk Alley."

Sony unveiled a slimmer PS4 and PS4 Pro at an event on Wednesday, three years after the original PS4 was released. Future games will run on both machines but the Pro version will have better graphics and is 4K-enabled.

House said consumers have an urge to update consoles much moire quickly.

"We've kind of looked at the mobile industry. We've seen that consumers seem to be interested and attuned to a different innovation cadence ... On a year or every 18 months," he said.

Sony's New York-traded shares fell nearly 1 percent on Thursday afternoon. The stock is up more than 34 percent this year.