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Cramer: A stock with $1 downside and a $3 upside

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Cypress Semiconductors: "It has a $1 downside and about $3 upside. I like that ratio. A lot of the semiconductors are coming down now because there is a lot of momentum. So let's have the dollar downside first."

BlackRock: "Let it come in ... it's a really, really good company. It had a real big spike this week. I think it's got room to decline before you have to pull the trigger."

Cabela's: "It's a really good chain, but I don't really care for retail right now. I do happen to like the shop there very much. Let it come in. Retail is not a good place to be right now."

Ryerson Holding Corp: "I'm staying away from the steel stocks right now. They had a big spike up and now they are coming down. That's a little dicey for me."

Acacia Communications: "This is a red hot stock in a red hot group. And what you do with this kind of stock is you let the whole market take it down to a level where it was before it reported that great quarter, and then you do pull the trigger."

Dynavax Technologies: "I'm glad you said it was a spec stock because that is vaccines and I'm not a big fan of the vaccine stocks. As long as you understand that it is a spec, that's alright with me."

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