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Clinton is reportedly at odds with her staff over how much water she drinks

Clinton's staff wants her to drink more water

Hillary Clinton is at odds with her staff over how much water she drinks as they pursue a "frenzied rehydration mission," Politico reported.

The Democratic presidential nominee has reportedly been reluctant to drink water, which has aggravated her chronic dehydration, Politico reported. Clinton is currently fight back pneumonia.

Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, Clinton's physician, said on Sunday that the Democratic presidential nominee became overheated and dehydrated at a Sept. 11 ceremony. Clinton stumbled and needed help into a car while leaving the ceremony early. Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but sources told Politico it was not severe.

Clinton tweeted on Monday that she is "feeling fine and getting better" and that she's "anxious" to get back on the campaign trail.

Clinton's campaign has said it will release additional medical information this week, after it was criticized for the delay in reporting her pneumonia.

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