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Cramer: Don't expect anything big with this stock until after the election

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Advanced Micro Devices: "I think this pullback is an opportunity. They had to fix their balance sheet. That's good. I like their business, they're fine. I just think that once they put all that liquidity out there you have to wait a little bit. Don't expect it to bounce right back to $7 or $8 any time quickly."

GW Pharmaceuticals: "We are big fans of it because they have the actual pill of pure marijuana, none of that other stuff. But the problem is now it is up on a takeover spike, and maybe it gets one. Remember, that is a class one felony to do what they are doing in the United States, but they are over there in London. So, I say you know what, sell half. If you're just starting, I don't want you to give back that big gain."

Vector Group: "I've liked Vector Group, it's got a little disparate group of assets, but it yields north of 6 almost 7 percent. I like that. I like the yield, I think the business is fine."

Aratana Therapeutics: "If we are going to do pets, the only one I want is IDEXX ... that's my pet play. Remember, they came up with the humanization of pets."

International Paper: "International Paper has made a big comeback. Why? Because apparently some of the rates for liner board are going higher. It's got a good yield, good worldwide business. I say stick with it."

AbbVie Inc: "I think this is a great long-term position. I don't expect anything big until after the election, but AbbVie is very well run. I'll give you a two-for. I actually like Abbott Laboratories despite all the different news about it. I think it's a good situation."

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