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Three things Samsung can do to recover from Note 7 horror

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall a PR nightmare: Analyst

Samsung's had a public relations nightmare with news of fire-prone batteries in the Note 7 model, but one expert told CNBC that the South Korean electronics giant ought to focus on just getting three things right.

1. Forget the Note S7, focus on the upcoming Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8, the smartphone maker's next flagship model, is widely expected to be introduced late-February based on historical launch dates of Samsung products.

"Maybe [Samsung] is better off highlighting the Galaxy S8, and how to differentiate it from competitors by spending more money on marketing," said Mehdi Hosseini, senior vice president of semiconductors at Susquehanna Financial Group, in a Squawk Box interview.

Hosseini also added that Samsung's Note 7 recall will not likely be a fast and quick process.

Adisorn Chabsungnuen | Pacific Press/LightRocket | Getty Images

2. Bolster the company image

News of exploding batteries will always attract headlines, according to Hosseini.

As reports of , investor confidence was hit hard and Samsung's shares slumped nearly 7 percent on Monday.

"At this point, [the damage] has more to do with the brand, and they have to spend more to protect the brand image, and maybe the Galaxy S8 is something they can capitalize on," Hosseini said.

3. Hold a press conference

According to Hosseini, a U.S-based company would have held a press conference to address the issue and be forthcoming with details.

He believed the best way forward for Samsung would be to hold a press conference, explain what the problems are in detail, and offer solutions, if possible.

"I'm not aware if we know exactly what is causing this problem of the fire … maybe the issues are not really that big a deal, but it's the brand image that has been damaged here," he said.