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Tim Cook says wireless AirPods headphones don’t fall out…Even when he dances

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Josh Edelson | AFP | Getty Images

When Apple unveiled its AirPod wireless headphones, the big concern was that they'd fall out and get lost.

But Tim Cook, chief executive of the U.S. technology giant has dispelled those fears, saying that even when he dances, the AirPods stay in place.

"I've been on treadmills, walking, doing all the things you normally do," Cook told ABC in an interview set to air Wednesday, adding, "You know how you walk around with the earbuds and they're constantly getting caught on something? You never have that problem."

ABC reported that cook had even danced with them in.

"I've been wearing them for a while and because they don't have wires on them the wires tend to help the earbud to fall out because it applies weight on those," Cook said in a small video clip posted by ABC.

"I have never personally had one fall out."

Apple ditched the headphone jack on its latest flagship smartphone – the iPhone 7 – which was launched last week. Instead, headphones now connect through the device's Lightning port. Apple also introduced the $159 AirPods at its event.

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