Trump camp denies report that he would consider Peter Thiel for Supreme Court

Justice Peter Thiel?

There's no truth to a report that Donald Trump is considering Peter Thiel on the Supreme Court, a spokeswoman told CNBC.

In a story published Thursday, a headline in The Huffington Post, "Donald Trump Wants Peter Thiel On The Supreme Court, Sources Say."

"As we told The Huffington Post, there is no truth to this whatsoever," campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said. "Mr. Trump has already released a list of names that he would be considering."

A spokesman for Thiel told CNBC the billionaire technology investor "hasn't had any conversations about a Supreme Court nomination and has no interest in the job."

"Huffington Post's sources are lying," Thiel spokesman Jeremiah Hall said. The Huffington Post's DC Bureau Chief Ryan Grim responded: "Our reporting stands for itself."

Unnamed sources told The Huffington Post that Thiel has said that Trump, if elected, wants to nominate him to the highest U.S. court. Tapping the PayPal co-founder as a justice would be a departure from the Trump's campaign's previous list of potential Supreme Court justices. That list follows convention, naming experienced sitting judges.

The Huffington Post is openly critical of Republican nominee Trump's presidential campaign. Nonetheless, the article (found here), has ignited buzz on social media.

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