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Donald Trump lets Jimmy Fallon mess his hair in 'Tonight Show' appearance

Richie Duchon
Steve gives Geoff a new hairstyle

In a light-hearted moment on the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump let "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon do what so many have dreamt of doing — mess up Trump's meticulously coiffed hairdo.

"The people in New Hampshire, where I am going an hour from now, I hope they understand," Trump told the host before Fallon put hand to hair.

Trump's appearance on the show came hours after his appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show" aired earlier Thursday.

Fallon thanked Trump "for giving us the material that we are doing" and said he has been "amazing to follow" because "you say some shocking things that I cannot even believe."

"But I'm trying not to anyway," Trump replied.

Hillary Clinton will appear on Fallon's show next week.

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