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No lines for Apple iPhone 7 in London — Because people learned about the internet

Has Apple really run out of the iPhone 7?

Apple iPhone launches ain't what they used to be.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launched around the world on Friday. But, instead of massive lines outside London's flagship Apple store in Covent Garden as seen in previous handset debuts, there were just a few people waiting on the sidelines.

Apple Store in Covent Garden, London
Arjun Kharpal

It's to be expected though. In the U.K., Apple users could only preorder iPhones and none was sold to walk-in customers. Those with preorders were given appointment times to collect their devices.

But in some other regions across the world, lines were longer with tents and camping gear at the ready.

Apple tries to drum up excitement for new device

Apple announced earlier this week that the iPhone 7 Plus was sold out while the jet black color of the regular iPhone 7 was also out of stock.

There was concern ahead of the launch that the iPhone 7 would not sell well because it wasn't very different to the 6s model. But analysts have turned bullish on the device after strong preorder reports.

Customers in the London store cited the improved camera and under-the-hood changes made by Apple as reasons to buy the phone. Ken Suen, an Apple customer who bought the iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, said that the faster speeds and bigger batteries led him to buy the device.