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London mayor: Terrorists hate our way of life

London mayor on NYC terror: Prevention is crucial

London's first Muslim mayor said Americans can't let terrorists scare them into changing the way they live their lives.

"We have to recognize that what these terrorists hate about us is our way of life. We respect each other. We embrace each other. We celebrate each other," Sadiq Khan said in an interview on CNBC's "Closing Bell."

He explained that terrorists hate the social and religious diversity of global cities like London and New York City. Fortunately, these kind of attacks don't happen daily because law enforcement "work their socks off" to prevent them, Khan said.

He made his comments in the wake of explosions in New York and New Jersey. Earlier on Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that this was an act of terror. The FBI said, however, that there is no reason to believe a terror cell is operating here.

Two senior officials have now confirmed to NBC News that Ahmad Khan Rahami was not on a U.S. terrorist watchlist or an NYPD list. NBC News also reported that U.S. Intelligence does not have any information indicating connections between the suspect's family and known terrorist groups or individuals.