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We'll see if Trump has started to spend his money more like a normal candidate

Donald Trump
Carlo Allegri | Reuters

Donald Trump's bizarre campaign may have started to spend money a little more conventionally last month.

Reports due to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday night will detail August finances for the Republican Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. While both campaigns have already announced the cash they raised with their respective parties, the filings offer more specifics on the money that came in and how the campaigns spent it.

In August, Trump's campaign bought its first television ads in swing states, a traditional expense it had previously avoided. Those buys came during a post-convention surge in Clinton's polling, but Trump has since narrowed the gap amid Clinton's bout with pneumonia and relatively restrained behavior for the billionaire developer's standards.

Earlier this month, Trump's campaign said it and its joint fundraising arm with the GOP raised about $90 million in August, ending the month with about $97 million on hand combined. It did not break down how much money each organization had.

Clinton's campaign said it and the Democratic Party raised $143 million, with $62 million for the campaign. Her campaign committee ended the month with about $68 million on hand.

Here's what else to watch from the reports:

Trump's ads and infrastructure

Trump's campaign has spent remarkably little compared with previous candidates, using free media coverage and social media attention to its advantage. In July, it reported $18.5 million in disbursements, with about 45 percent of it going to Giles-Parscale, which handles its web design and digital fundraising efforts.

The August report will show how much Trump's campaign has increased its spending on traditional resources like ads, payroll and consulting. Trump's campaign started making ad buys in August, but Clinton's campaign had outspent it on the airwaves by about 10-to-1 as of Sept. 7, according to NBC News.

Cash breakdown to Trump/GOP

Trump's campaign, unlike Clinton's, did not announce the breakdown of cash to the campaign and the GOP in August.

For perspective, the Trump campaign announced a total $80 million fundraising haul with the GOP in July, but reported $36.7 million in receipts for the month.