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Chinese travelers book last minute vacations, Americans like credit cards, survey finds

Chinese are the most spontaneous travelers

Chinese are last-minute bookers when it comes to holidays, while Americans don't worry about the price, a new survey reveals.

Nearly half of Chinese respondents to a Worldpay survey planned their trip just two to four weeks before taking it. Chinese travelers also ranked highest in the survey for last-minute flight purchases. The survey polled travelers from the U.S., China, Brazil, India, Germany and Australia.

On the opposite end of spontaneity are Australians, who were the most prepared travelers, with a quarter of respondents saying they planned their trip six months or more before departure. Perhaps, for good reason, though. Nearly half said their most recent trip lasted for three weeks or more.

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U.S. consumers, meanwhile, are the least price sensitive when planning vacations, with 54 percent admitting they don't let sales on fares or room rates impact their destination choice.

Worldpay, a payments processing technology company, surveyed 12,000 travelers who booked a flight online in the past year.

Americans are the most likely to use make their flight bookings on credit, with 84 percent using credit cards, compared to just 4 percent using debit cards. This compared to Australia, where 66 percent paid using a credit card and 13 percent debit.

Alibaba-owned Alipay, which is similar to PayPal, had a big chunk of Chinese flight payments. WorldPay found that 45 percent of Chinese respondents used credit cards and 30 percent used Alipay, with the e-payment system's popularity largely driven by under-35 travelers.

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